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General Questions
What is LetzFlow Pages?
All the big app stores require you to have a homepage for your app. So you have to design and create a homepage, rent webspace and so on. And all that for a small static page. We take all of that work away from you. We give you a way to create a page for your app in minutes and all you need for it is a description and screenshots (which you both already have if you put your app in any of the stores).
Who are you?
I am Florian Letz. :)
What kind of templates do you have available?
We've tried to support as many different app stores and devices from the start. But of course we are still expending the available templates. There are several different versions for all kinds of phones and tablets and a few for PCs/Macs. You can check out some examples on the tour!
Can I see some examples?
Of course! We've put together a tour and at the end there are some examples. So go check it out!
Payment & Packages
How much does LetzFlow Pages cost?
LetzFlow Pages can be used for as little as 5 USD per month. This package already includes 2 pages and 3 screenshots for each page. We provide several packages, so be sure to check out the Pricing page.
Is there a minimum contract period? Is there an activation fee?
No and no. There is no activation fee and no minimum contract period. You can cancel at any time.
Can I change the package later on?
You can switch between all the packages at any time.
Which payment types and currencies do you accept?
All prices are in USD, and we accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
Is there a free trial? What happens after the trial?
All the plans come with a 30 day free trial. You don't even need a credit card to sign up. When your trial ends we will contact you via the email address you provided at your registration and remind you to enter your payment information, so you can continue to use the service. If you decide you don't want to use our service after the trial, there is nothing for you to do. Although we would be happy about feedback.
I don't like your packages!
We tried to provide a wide range of packages, so that the smallest independent developer and bigger companies can all use our service just like that. But if you need more pages or have any other request, then feel free to contact us! I am sure we can find a solution that fits your needs!
Technical Questions
Which web browsers do you support?

Your pages are rendered in the simplest way possible (from a technical point of view) to support as many browsers as possible. Currently we test and support IE7+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

The member area needs a little bit more love from the browsers, because we provide you with simple in-place editing and lots of other awesome features. But you still can use all the modern browsers out there.

Do the pages adapt to phone and tablet browser?
All the pages are designed so that the layout does not break when displayed on phone or tablet devices. There are no dedicated mobile pages yet, but we are working on that right now.
How complex is it to put content on my pages? Do I need to be a web developer?
No, not at all. Our service is here to save you time and so we provide you an easy to use template selection and in-place editing. This means, that you will edit the content of your page inside the actual template. You do not need to know anything about HTML, JavaScript or anything else web development related.
But I am a web developer! Can I change the code of the templates? Or create my own templates?

Not yet. We are constantly working on expanding the possibilities to edit the templates and if demand rises we may create a way for you to put your own templates in our system.

But you can always contact us with any recommendations or examples and we will consider implementing them.

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